“WNC needs a progressive voice in Congress” — Letter to the Editor

“WNC needs a progressive voice in Congress” — Letter to the Editor

In the November 1, 2018 edition of The Asheville Citizen-Times, Nick Wesselman of Asheville wrote,

The last two years have shown us Mark Meadows’ true colors in Congress. Despite 45,000 Western North Carolina residents depending upon the Affordable Care Act for their healthcare, he has continued to lead the charge on its repeal, without any sort of tenable replacement. He helped pass a tax cut for the rich which, far from paying for itself, is now bankrupting our government, opening up an excuse for the GOP to go after Medicare and Social Security. And rather than focus on the interests of WNC residents, he has continually fed his own political ambitions by attacking the FBI and Department of Justice on behalf of the President, arguably obstructing justice himself.

Phillip Price knows what’s hurting WNC and will be our voice for the progressive policies needed to improve the quality of life for all residents. Too many are still without affordable healthcare – Phillip supports Medicare for All. Too many can barely make rent, even working multiple jobs – Phillip supports a living wage and investment in high-tech green jobs. Too many struggle under student loan debt – Phillip supports tuition-free college and student loan debt relief. And he will help restore Congress as a check on the executive branch of our government.

I encourage everyone in WNC who supports these policies to please get out and vote!

Nick Wesselman, Asheville

The online version of the letter can be found here.

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