“WNC needs a check on Trump in Congress” — Letter to the Editor

“WNC needs a check on Trump in Congress” — Letter to the Editor

In the November 2, 2018 edition of the Mountain Xpress, Nick Wesselman of Asheville wrote,

Some may think it extreme to call these “dangerous” times. Though our democracy has survived many threats over the last 242 years, never before have we had a president so intent on enriching himself through the office or so intent on tearing down the institutions and norms which serve as a check on presidential power. The veil over his racism and embracing of white nationalism has thinned to the point of transparency.

Daily, he lies openly to the press, our critical “Fourth Estate” check on government, which he calls the “enemy of the people.” And even with all we have already learned about his personal and campaign connections to Russia, he continues to deny Russian interference in our election and continues to obstruct the Mueller investigation. The rule of law and our very democracy are threatened by the Trump administration.

Our Founding Fathers feared this very scenario and designed our government with Congress as a check on an autocratic president. However, our GOP-controlled House and Senate have proven to be nothing but wet towels and lap dogs for their dear leader. Mark Meadows is example No. 1 of this in the House of Representatives. He has put his own political ambition ahead of his constituents and the nation by perpetuating right-wing conspiracy theories for the president and assisting him in his obstructive attacks on the Mueller investigation. History will remember Meadows as a prime enabler of Trump’s threat to our democracy.

Let’s hope that history also remembers this as time when the residents of Western North Carolina said “enough” and voted Meadows out of office. N.C. 11 must elect Phillip Price and other Democrats as a check on presidential power before Trump does any more damage to our great nation. Please vote on Nov. 6.

— Nick Wesselman

The online version of the letter can be found here.

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