“We Are A Nation In Crisis” — Letter to the Editor

“We Are A Nation In Crisis” — Letter to the Editor

In the July 3rd, 2018 edition of the Smoky Mountain News, Ron Robinson of Sylva, NC wrote,

To the Editor:

Children are being shipped around the nation with no records and officials are either lying about their whereabouts or ignorant of what is transpiring. Small children are crying and are traumatized from being roughly separated from their parents. More lies from this administration.

A nonprofit is attempting to put the pieces together while administration officials are at play. I don’t know about you but it is becoming more and more difficult to even watch the news or read about what is going on.

However, ignoring reality in the early 1930s was disastrous for Germany and Europe. I will do whatever I can to prevent the same fate in our country.

Something we can all do is remember Rep. Mark Meadows, our Republican congressman. He has pledged loyalty to our reigning czar and has been silent during this whole mess. As we have all learned, silence is complicity. If you want to really drain the swamp, send Rep. Mark Meadows back to his million dollar home with his expensive suits, imported shoes and fancy haircuts. Let’s elect Phillip Price to bring common sense back to Washington. Phillip is a family man and is campaigning to support our hard-working families and the working poor. We need him representing all of us!

Ron Robinson


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