“Time To Clean House” — Letter to the Editor

“Time To Clean House” — Letter to the Editor

In the October 29, 2018 edition of The Transylvania Times, Sally MacMillan of Brevard wrote,

If, like me, you believe that those individuals we elect in our country should be decent, moral, civil, honest individuals whom we can be proud of, then it is time to replace the insiders now in office supporting Donald Trump, who has misrepresented our core values and disgraced our country in the eyes of the world. If we are to change the direction of our country, we must cast our ballots in this midterm election for national, state and local races.

Let’s clean house – first in the U. S. House by electing Phillip Price, a working man for working people. He believes in: raising the $7.25 minimum wage; Medicare for all; upgrading our infrastructure; investing in clean energy; affordable child care; equal pay for equal work; and raising the cap on the Social Security tax so the wealthy pay their fair share.

It’s also time to clean our N.C. House by electing Sam Edney. He will fight for good jobs, clean air and water, accessible health care, public schools and an end to gerrymandering.

For N.C. Senate, let’s elect Norm Bossert. Endorsed by the N.C. Association of Educators, Bossert states that taking away funding from public schools takes away our children’s future. He believes that health care access is a right, as is allowing hard-working North Carolinians to earn a living wage.

Running locally for the Board of Education, we are so fortunate to have Joe Castro, another individual with a wide range of educational and business experience. He is passionate about education, having served as director of Smart Start of Transylvania County for 10 years, a teaching assistant, GED examiner and ESL instructor at Blue Ridge Community College.

And let’s not forget Marty Griffin, who has served on the Board of Education for four years and is now running for a second term.

These are individuals of impeccable character with stellar qualifications running for office and their candidacies come as a breath of fresh air given how polluted politics has become. Personally vote for them and encourage others to do the same. Our lives may depend on it.

Sally MacMillan


The online version of the letter can be found here.

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