The Lenoir Voice Endorses Phillip Price

The Lenoir Voice Endorses Phillip Price

LENOIR, NC — Phillip Price, the Democratic candidate running in North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District, has received an endorsement from The Lenoir Voice, the online Independent Voice of Western North Carolina.

“If you want a working class person who understands working class issues representing you in Washington, D.C., The Lenoir Voice recommends that Democrats and Unaffiliated voters in the 11th Congressional District (Western North Carolina) vote for Phillip Price for the U.S. Congress during the Democratic primary,’’ the editorial stated. “The Lenoir Voice endorses only those candidates who understand that most Western North Carolinians are primarily blue collar and do not want much, but we do wish to be paid a fair wage, have access to “Medicare-for-all” health insurance, and be able to support our families on just one job. We support candidates that understand that. Phillip Price is the candidate that gets that.”

Price owns Antique Reclaimed Lumber in Nebo, a sustainable green business that deconstructs old barns and reclaims the wood for new uses. Over the years, he has kept tons of wood out of landfills. Price, a 34-year resident of Western North Carolina, believes the 11th District needs a working man to represent our interests, someone who places jobs, higher wages, health care, education and the environment ahead of power and politics in Washington, D.C.

“Thank you for your endorsement,’’ Price said. “I will be honored to serve you in the U.S. House.”

Price has also received an endorsement from Sustainable Politician Project (, which supports candidates most dedicated to environmental concerns. In addition, Moms Demand Action gave Price its Gun Sense Candidate distinction, acknowledging Price’s support for reform.

The Democratic primary for North Carolina’s Congressional District 11 is May 8, with early voting already under way.

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