Solutions Offered at Jackson County Forum

Solutions Offered at Jackson County Forum

Before a crowd of 75 voters Tuesday night at the Jackson County Library in Sylva, Phillip outlined his solutions to issues confronting 11th District voters.  Some questions came from the Indivisible Common Ground forum organizers and some questions came from the audience, but all focused on deeply held voter concerns.

Phillip responded to the inevitable question on healthcare by noting his status as an ACA recipient, the need to expand coverage not repeal it, and the ultimate goal of moving to a single-payer system. His support for HR 676 elicited an enthusiastic response from the well-informed crowd.

A common thread in all the issues raised questioned whether Mark Meadows was responsive to his constituents or to wealthy corporate interests.  Phillip noted that when Meadows went to Washington, he turned his back on the folks in the western North Carolina mountains and opened his door to wealthy donors.  That, he said emphatically, must stop and it must stop with the 2018 election in November.

Following the formal question and answer period, Phillip spoke with a number of concerned voters about issues of special interest to them–better jobs, higher wages, the environment and the need for new leadership for the 11th District.

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  • Paul Lillebo

    Congratulations Phillip.
    I was a supporter of Scott Donaldson in the primary election. It was a good and fair contest among three good men, but you spoke to the hearts of WNC as no one else did. Well done.
    I look forward to supporting you and helping out as you R&R Mr. Meadows in the fall.
    All the best,
    Paul Lillebo
    Asheville, NC

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