“Price will fight our climate crisis in Congress” — Letter to the Editor

“Price will fight our climate crisis in Congress” — Letter to the Editor

In the October 30, 2018 edition of The Asheville Citizen-Times, H. Paul Lillebo of Asheville wrote,

This year, no issue is more serious than the warming Earth. Unfortunately, our District 11 representative, Mr. Meadows, does not understand this; he has closed his mind to the findings of science.

Climate change is not just warmer weather or a rising sea, though these will cause havoc. Worse is that areas of the world that house billions will become uninhabitable due to warming, drought, storms, fires and loss of services. This will likely cause a flood of desperate refugees of hundreds of millions from the tropics, pressing northward. These massive migrations will bring vast starvation, disease, and wars around the globe, including in our country.

This is not fantasy but the predictable outcome of President Trump’s present course. This future will hit us if we do not take decisive steps to reduce our output of greenhouse gases. The first step must be replacement in Congress of the science-deniers such as Mr. Meadows who seem bent on assuring a hellish future.

As a biologist and independent voter in Buncombe County, I urge voters to support Phillip Price for Congress, because he understands this crisis and is committed to dealing with it. Without understanding in Congress, we have no chance.

H. Paul Lillebo, Asheville

The online version of the letter can be found here.

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