“Price will fight for us – not wealthy donors” — Letter to the Editor

“Price will fight for us – not wealthy donors” — Letter to the Editor

In the October 31, 2018 edition of The Asheville Citizen-News, Maggie Panther of Canton wrote,

I’m writing this to tell my neighbors why Phillip Price is the representative we need in Congress. In a world where politics has gone crazy, he has a commonsense vision that cuts across party lines. Here’s what he stands for: A living wage, so that one job can actually support a family. Medicare-for-all, so that we aren’t bankrupted by an illness. Tuition-free education, so our children can go to college or trade school. Clean energy to create jobs and save the planet. Campaign finance reform – so that politicians have to work for us, not their wealthy donors!

Hands off our social security! Securing our borders while also welcoming immigrants through a sensible legal process. Legalizing medical cannabis, which will help combat the opioid epidemic. Ending for-profit prisons. Sensible gun reforms that respect the Second Amendment while keeping guns out of the hands of the violent and mentally ill. Protecting veterans from benefit cuts and VA privatization.

Phillip Price is a good man, a local man, who works hard and will work hard for us if we give him the chance. Please vote for the change you want to see in the world! Vote for Phillip Price for US Congress.

Maggie Panther, Canton

The online version of the letter can be found here.

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