“Price is Right for 11th District” — Letter to the Editor

“Price is Right for 11th District” — Letter to the Editor

In the July 26th, 2018 edition of the Sylva Herald, Bill Spencer of Cullowhee, NC wrote,

To the Editor:

If you’re a greedy multimillionaire or a corrupt CEO of a wealthy corporation, then it might be in your interest to vote for Mark Meadows for your 11th District U.S. Representative in the upcoming November election. If you’re not in these categories, then Phillip Price is the choice for you.

Let me say up front that Phillip Price doesn’t have a past that would be considered perfect for a candidate. But his past does especially qualify him to identify with and care about others who are experiencing struggles in their lives. It’s especially heartening to me that he’s so passionate about ensuring excellent, affordable healthcare for everyone.

If you want a representative who in my opinion caters only to mega-donors, who has sold his soul to further his own political ambitions, who seems intent on continuing the corruption and dysfunction of the current Congress, then vote for Meadows. But if you want a fresh start with a knowledgeable, sensible representative who’ll listen to you and who cares about you even if you don’t donate to his campaign, then Phillip Price is right.

Bill Spencer, Cullowhee

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