Phillip’s Response to H.R. 6134

Phillip’s Response to H.R. 6134

In in article in the June 27th, 2018 issue of The Smoky Mountain News, Phillip criticized both the timing and the tactics of HR 6134, an immigration bill Rep. Mark Meadows filed recently.

“We have needed immigration reform for decades now,” said Price. “Mark Meadows has been in office for six years, and is acting as though he is just now considering the issue. He has not been able to garner the support from his own party for his bill. He obstructs his own party at every opportunity and so nothing gets done.”

Price called for children who were “brought here by no fault of their own” to have a path to citizenship, but found common ground with Meadows on increasing the capacity of DHS to process immigration applications.

“We need to hire more immigration judges so folks don’t have to wait one to two years to get in front of a judge to find out if they will receive asylum,” he said. “People do not flee their homeland without good reason. Asylum seekers should be treated with kindness and respect throughout their time in our country … even if they are not granted asylum.”

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