Phillip Supports Poor People’s Campaign

Phillip Supports Poor People’s Campaign

Phillip attended the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival forum at the Folkmoot Center in Haywood County on Monday, March 5.  He wanted to show his support for the campaign to end poverty, to exchange ideas with some of the local leaders from Down Home North Carolina, and to listen to all too common stories of working people struggling to get by.

More than a dozen people–some formerly homeless, some talking about racism, some preaching non-violent resistance –took the stage to tell moving stories.  Nearly 100 people filled the Folkmoot Center auditorium to show their support and to pledge in various ways to help end poverty, institutional racism, environmental degradation and equal protection under the law.

Phillip talks with Connie Conklin of SEASCAT.

Among the people Phillip met at the forum was forum speaker Connie J. Conlkin who vividly described the pain of homelessness and abuse.  Connie now runs SEASCAT, an organization dedicated to helping adult survivors of child abuse and trauma.  Connie has been homeless on several occasions because of PTSD from childhood abuse.

Making the round-trip of nearly 150 miles to hear the stories and show his support was time well-spent, Phillip said after the event.  Phillip was the only Congressional candidate on hand to show his support.

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  • Sandra Sherrill

    I am impressed with Mr. Price’s stand on issues and values he expresses. I am retired and can volunteer to make phone calls or participate in other activities to support his campaign.

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