Phillip is on the Move

Phillip is on the Move

Despite being the shortest month of the year, February has been a busy one for the Price Campaign.  Before the month ends, Phillip will have spoken at and attended nearly two dozen events across the 11th District.

His listening tour scheduled February events in  Buncombe County, Cherokee County, Haywood, Henderson, Swain and Jackson Counties.  He traveled to attend county Democratic Party meetings, precinct meetings, and cluster meetings.  He has met repeatedly with independent groups such as Indivisible and NORML.

Phillip has not only been talking about his positions and how, as a working man, his candidacy is distinct, he has been listening to voters.  Listening to their frustrations, their anger and their demands for change.  He responds to listeners’ questions and hones his message to ensure voters’ voices are his voice.

Look for him to be in your county on a return visit soon.  Meet with him.  Talk with him.  And you will discover he truly is “A Working Man for the Working People.”  Please join him in his campaign to oust Mark Meadows.

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