“Meadows — missing in action” — Letter to the Editor

“Meadows — missing in action” — Letter to the Editor

In the October 31, 2018 edition of the Mountain Xpress, Ken Kahn of Woodfin wrote,

I’d like to report a missing congressperson. Although elected to serve us, Mark Meadows has been invisible for months. He won’t debate his opponent, Phillip Price, and, unlike Price, who travels the district daily meeting with people, Meadows is missing in action.

At least Price wants to hear our concerns about health care, immigration and other key issues that are top-of-mind for us. No surprise — he’s one of us. Meadows, by contrast, has been most visible as an attendee at the Koch brothers conclave for their favorite “conservative” legislators or in his embarrassing efforts to undermine the Mueller investigation.

We do recall him voting for the doomed American Health Care Act and then crying crocodile tears about not having known of the impact it would have on poor and working families. Since then, at least concerning his responsibilities as our representative, it’s been pretty much crickets.

He probably feels like he can’t lose, given the effects of gerrymandering. So why spend time pretending he cares about us? That’s OK. If he wants to stay away during this election, I think we should reward his inattention by having him stay away for good and voting him out. Maybe Florida wants him back.

— Ken Kahn

The online version of the letter can be found here.

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