Kudos From Sustainable Politician Project

Kudos From Sustainable Politician Project

Phillip Price, small businessman from Nebo and Democratic candidate for North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District, has been known to talk the talk when it comes to the district’s environmental issues. But now there is objective third-party evidence that Price actually walks the walk too.

Last week the Sustainable Politician Project (sustainablepoliticianproject.com) recommended Phillip Price as the candidate most dedicated to environmental concerns in the 11th District.  They cited his strong support of attempts to stop and reverse the effects of climate change by cutting back on fossil fuels, using clean energy, and investing in and developing renewable energy sources. And, most importantly, the Sustainable Politician Project commended Phillip Price’s commitment to protecting the mountains, rivers and forests that make Western North Carolina one of the state’s premier tourist destinations.

Price, a 34-year resident of Western North Carolina who owns a lumber recyling business with his wife, Michelle, that has kept tons of material out of landfills, was pleased when he learned of the endorsement.

“The environment is Western North Carolina’s most precious asset, and it is one of the four pillars of my platform of Better Jobs and Bigger Pay Checks,” Price continued, “Saving our beautiful mountains, protecting the awesome views and preventing the extinction of plants and animals is an economic imperative. Tourism — on which this district heavily relies — will only be as strong as our mountains are beautiful and our streams are clean.”

“I’ve traveled all over the 16 counties of the 11th, and I know the back roads and the hollers,” he added. “And I know the people. They want their environment to be as pristine as possible, and they aren’t happy at all with the voting record of [incumbent] Mark Meadows. I look forward to serving the great people of Western North Carolina, and they know that whenever I am casting a vote I will be thinking about how it will impact all living in those 16 counties.” 

“It is time we send a representative to Washington who is deeply connected to the people of the district, and to the lands in which we live. I am that representative.”

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