Social Security

Social Security

A Vital Safety Net

I understand that Social Security, since its creation in 1935, has been the fundamental safety net for America’s elderly. Social Security should not be privatized but, rather, must be strengthened and secured for current and future retirees.

When President Franklin Roosevelt created Social Security, average life expectancy was 65 years. Today, it is nearly 80 years. Workers who faithfully pay into the Social Security Trust Fund must be treated no less faithfully by the government that holds those funds.

Approximately half of Americans nearing retirement will depend for most of their retirement income on Social Security. Moreover, Social Security expands the safety net by providing disability and survivor benefits. It must be there for those who need it.

Saving Social Security

Currently, a cap on Social Security contributions means the wealthy—who just received a huge break on their income taxes—do not pay the same percentage as low and middle income workers. To ensure Social Security’s future, Congress must remove that cap. Millionaires and billionaires must pay the same rate as teachers, nurses, carpenters and factory workers.

Republicans are cutting huge holes in the Social Security safety net. They want to privatize Social Security.  They want future retirees to rely on a volatile stock market whose risks would be enormous. This cannot stand.

I will join with progressive Democrats to protect and expand Social Security so retirees and the disabled may live decent, meaningful lives.

If  my vision reflects your vision, won’t you please volunteer for or contribute to our campaign?  Working together, our vision can become reality.