Social Security

Social Security

A Vital Safety Net

We’ve seen the Republican game plan before: Massive tax cuts for the rich that result in exploding deficits, then a call for reductions to Social Security, along with Medicare and Medicaid, to pay down those deficits they just created. Here we go again. It’s nothing less than a trillion-dollar redistribution of wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich.

Maybe they’ll push for privatizing Social Security, which would hand over management of our retirement to Wall Street and put our future at risk in a volatile market. Do you really want that?

Or they will simply cut benefits, creating fears particularly for some who have been paying into Social Security for decades believing it would be their safety net in retirement.

We can’t let a Republican-controlled Congress that answers only to billionaires do that to our retirement benefits.

Yes, we need to make some adjustments to Social Security in order to continue funding it as Baby Boomers reach retirement and people live longer. Fortunately, the way to save and fund Social Security is already known.

Currently, a cap on Social Security contributions means the wealthy—who just received that huge break on their income taxes—do not pay the same percentage as low and middle income workers. They pay a fraction of a percentage of their income to cover Social Security. That needs to be more equitable. Millionaires and billionaires need to pay their fair share just like the rest of us.

I will join with progressive Democrats to protect and expand Social Security so retirees and the disabled may live decent, meaningful lives.

If my vision reflects your vision, Please VOTE for PHILLIP G. PRICE, US House of Representatives.  Working together, our vision can become reality.