Jobs & A Living Wage

Jobs & A Living Wage

Jobs and a Living Wage

What we need in Western North Carolina are jobs that pay well and the political leadership to push for policies that can help generate those kinds of jobs.

If we had a single-payer Medicare for all health system, more people would have access to care and more people would be needed to provide that care. If we had an environmental policy that pushed green energy, that could create high tech job growth while protecting our tourism industry.    If we committed to tuition-free education so our workers could be better trained,  they would be prepared to take on those high tech jobs. If we brought high speed Internet and cellular service to rural areas of the 11th Congressional District, that would open up opportunities for businesses to grow. If we committed to much-needed investment in our infrastructure and hired local workers to repair and build bridges and roads, that would create more jobs.  


We need the political will to get it done, and Mark Meadows has shown no inclination to push for any of these policies that will promote job growth in this district. Nor has Meadows championed the needs of workers here. We have had a minimum wage of $7.25 for nine years. Nine years! No one can live on that. Yet every time the prospect of a $15 per hour living wage is brought up, Meadows dismisses it. He says it will cost jobs, a stance that all too conveniently allows large corporations to hold down wages for everyone while cashing in as executive pay soars.

If my vision reflects your vision, won’t you please volunteer or contribute to our campaign?  Working together, our vision can become reality.