Climate Change, Clean Energy & Hemp

I believe in science. I believe the 97 percent of scientists who maintain climate change is real. And because I believe they are telling the truth, I am morally obligated to try to do something about it. We all are.

We need to drastically reduce our dependence on fossil fuels so that we can begin reversing the effects of greenhouse gases. We can do that by promoting clean energy – solar, hydro, geothermal, wind and tides. And we can STOP MAKING PLASTICS OUT OF OIL! We can manufacture everything that is plastic out of the cellulose from the Hemp plant stalk and it will be biodegradable. Hemp will grow well in every county in the 11th district. This means jobs in agriculture, manufacturing, wholesaling, and retailing in all 17 counties of the 11th district. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.

Shifting to clean, renewable energy translates into better jobs and higher wages for WNC. North Carolina already produces more solar power than any state except California. But the western counties have been left behind because of a lack of support from the current congressman. By focusing on renewable energy, we can fight climate change and maintain our treasured way of life.

Many of us live here and millions of tourists visit each year.  And still many more are retiring here because of the unique mountain environment which boosts our construction industry. All of that depends on maintaining our environment.

So I will fight against efforts backed by the current representative to reclassify “wild and scenic” designations to allow logging of pristine forests. Unrestrained logging destroys mountainsides and leads to polluted streams and the extinction of fish and plants.

After all, our tourism industry will only be as strong as our mountains are beautiful and our streams are clean.

If my vision reflects your vision, Please VOTE for PHILLIP G. PRICE, US House of Representatives.  Working together, our vision can become reality.