Tuition Free Schools

I value children and young adults as our most valuable assets.  Tuition free public education should begin before kindergarten.   And it should continue through technical school and state colleges and universities.

Other industrialized countries have tuition-free schooling for their children.  The world’s richest nation should do no less.

Free public school through the eighth grade served a 19th-century agricultural economy.  Free public school through the 12th grade built the world’s greatest industrial economy in the 20th century. In the 21st century, education must reflect the needs of a highly technical and complex world economy.

Moving to tuition-free education—as the state of New York has recently done—is an investment in the future. Technically trained and college educated workers receive higher wages and, in turn, pay more taxes. That increased tax revenue can help pay for tuition-free school for the next graduating class, and the next one, and the next one.

Student Debt

We must reduce the crushing burden of existing student loans.  We should immediately reduce the interest rate on federally guaranteed loans. Too many former students pay so much to high-interest student debt they cannot buy homes or save for retirement. They live on the economic fringe while  wealthy banks and lending institutions rake in millions.

The first three years of a child’s life are critical to their later education. We must invest in early childhood programs like Early Head Start.  We must provide more access to high-quality childcare and high-quality preschool programs. Childcare workers and early educators deserve a living wage and should be properly trained for their important task.

The number of working women continues to grow.   More families rely on two jobs to meet financial needs.  We must invest in high-quality early education programs so parents need not worry about their children falling behind and entering grade school at a disadvantage.

If  my vision reflects your vision, won’t you please volunteer for or contribute to our campaign?  Working together, our vision can become reality.