Roads and High Speed Internet

There’s a reason tourism is the primary economic driver in Western North Carolina. Just look outside, you can’t miss the beauty of our mountains. People are drawn to us. So we need to make sure they can come here.

Our infrastructure desperately needs to be upgraded to make travel safer for ourselves and the tourism industry that fuels our economy. That means we need to invest in our roads and bridges — and you have my word I’ll fight to prioritize the local work force and materials to do it.

But there’s more than that. Our rural small businesses and students are handicapped by the lack of high speed Internet and cellular phone service. We can’t do business and get the right education without it and we can’t wait until corporate providers decide it is profitable enough to offer their services. We need to get it there now.

Of course, we have to invest in the people who are here. But we must also prepare for those who are coming.

We are in the midst of a sea change in the way people work in this world. Employees are no longer tethered to big cities or busy suburbs and the accompanying office cubicles. High speed Internet service is allowing more and more employees to move wherever they want and work remotely. And no doubt some of them will be drawn to Western North Carolina’s beautiful mountains and affordable lifestyle.

But that’s only if we can provide the infrastructure to support them here including broadband internet,  green technologies, affordable housing, clean water, fresh air and healthy forests. We need a Congressman who is going to work to invest in us and invest in our future.

If my vision reflects your vision, please VOTE for PHILLIP G. PRICE, US House of Representatives.  Working together, our vision can become reality.

To volunteer for or contribute to our campaign- we welcome you to join us.