Roads and High Speed Internet

I support infrastructure improvements to roads and bridges but ALSO to access to high speed internet and cellular phone service.

Spending for infrastructure projects is crucial, especially for people in the 11th Congressional District.  Our voters contend with outdated mountain roads leading to isolated communities. Tourism, the largest industry in the district, requires modern roads, bridges, water systems, and sewage treatment. But improvements to roads and highways are also important to district residents who travel long distances to shop, go to school, and to seek emergency medical treatment.

Infrastructure improvements must be a public, not private, venture. The Trump Administration plan allows private interests to make billions of dollars by imposing tolls and choosing which projects to build based on profitability. Improvements should serve ALL people, not just those who profit from toll roads and private utility systems.

However, infrastructure is more than roads and water supplies. It includes access to high-speed internet and cell service. High-speed internet means more than simply downloading games and movies. High-speed internet holds the future for small businesses to grow, for communities to attract clean, high-tech industry, and for ALL children to have access to the education required in a 21st century economy.

In December 2017, a Republican-dominated Federal Communications Commission repealed net neutrality protections guaranteed during the Obama administration, despite millions of written objections by consumers.  Repealing these protections allowed giant telecoms to charge some consumers more than others for the same service and to block or slow down online access. I stand for a return to net neutrality that treats all online consumers fairly and equitably.

If  my vision reflects your vision, won’t you please volunteer for or contribute to our campaign?  Working together, our vision can become reality.