Veterans for Peace

Phillip Price sat down with members of Veterans for Peace to listen to their priorities and learn more about their ideas for solutions.  A major topic discussed was the VA.  Phillip assured them he would be a champion for the VA and all vets.

The brave women and men who have stepped up and been willing to sacrifice for our Nation deserve our utmost respect and gratitude. To all of you, I say, Welcome home! Your service is an inspiration.

I am heartbroken every time Congress breaks promises to our veterans by slowly cutting their benefits. We must not allow the slow but steady privatization of the VA hospital system like that proposed in HR 4457. While a VA hospital has providers of various specialties, they all have one important specialty, veterans. When a vet goes to a regular doctor and is asked if s/he has ever smoked and the vet says “no”, the doctor would see no reason to perform an annual lung function test. However, a VA doctor would know that the vet was in the Navy prior to the mid 80’s and had long term exposure to asbestos, requiring an annual lung function test. A VA doctor knows that an infantry radioman carried an extra 40 pounds everywhere he went, and his current back, knee or ankle problems might be service related. A VA doctor knows symptoms of Agent Orange and other service related problems that can be dormant for years. Our veterans were promised and deserve this specialized care.

Many veterans were told if they chose a military service career, they would retire with free lifetime healthcare. This too is a broken promise with retirees having to continually pay more for their Tricare health insurance. Tricare will no longer cover vision care. Tricare does not recruit in-network providers in the 11th District. This is causing retirees to pay even more for out-of-network providers. I will sit down with Tricare and work to resolve this issue even if I must recruit local providers myself.

I am a son, grandson and brother of veterans and I am determined to honor vets and keep our promises to them.

If my vision reflects your vision, Please VOTE for PHILLIP G. PRICE, US House of Representatives.

Working together, our vision can become reality.

Hendersonville, NC
Listened to ideas and solutions from Veterans for Peace