Campaigning in Cherokee County

Campaigning in Cherokee County

Phillip had a full day of campaigning Friday, Feb. 24,  in Cherokee County, with successful stops in Andrews and Murphy.

In Andrews,  lunch with community leaders gave Phillip the opportunity to listen to their concerns about the way Republicans both in Raleigh and Washington have treated their far western county.  Decisions in both capitals have made attracting and keeping business difficult for these 11th District citizens, with infrastructure hurdles topping the list of complaints.  Phillip explained how his proposals could help overcome those obstacles.

In Murphy, Phillip was the only 11th District candidate to speak at acandidate forum sponsored by the Cherokee County Democratic Party.  One other candidate provided a campaign surrogate as a stand in.  These Cherokee County Democrats agreed that sensible gun control legislation was necessary to protect the public from wanton shootings.  They also supported his proposals for a Medicare-for-all healthcare program and the means of funding it and they responded favorably to his remarks on protecting the unique environment cherished by western North Carolinians.

At the conclusion of the forum, Cherokee Scout editor Matthew Osborne stayed to speak with Phillip about his stand on the issues.

Phillip’s extensive travels throughout the district have clearly paid off as Democrats are making a point to hear him speak on issues they feel passionately about.

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