“A Courageous Voice” — Letter to the Editor

“A Courageous Voice” — Letter to the Editor

In the June 24th, 2018 edition of the Hendersonville Times-News, Sheila Clendenning of Flat Rock, NC wrote,

To the editor: District 11 WNC voters have a clear 2018 midterm choice: Re-elect a congressional representative allied intractably with a capricious chief executive, or vote to send to Congress the fresh, courageous voice of Phillip Price.

Our current representative remains silent as the “dealmaking winner” in the White House insults traditional U.S. allies, praises authoritarian leaders, threatens trade war, labels news media the “enemy of the American people,” proclaims his “legal” right to self-pardon, and hurls personal verbal attacks upon private citizens and his own appointees alike.

The framers of our Constitution surely foresaw the possibility of misguided, poorly qualified, self-serving, possibly even traitorous chief executives. They were, however, confident that with a system of checks and balances our governmental framework could endure. In 1834, for example, the Senate censured Andrew Jackson for “assuming authority and power not conferred by the Constitution.”

What the framers failed to foresee, apparently, was a sycophantic congressional majority willing not only to overlook but at times even applaud harsh, ill-advised performance.

To revitalize the framers’ intent, Congress needs Phillip Price and many other men and women with courage and integrity to champion voters’ true interests. Lock-step partisan allegiance disregards a diverse constituency’s needs and concerns.

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