The working man FOR THE PEOPLE!

Phillip Price believes that the politics of pointing fingers and making accusations must end and we must come together in harmony to find the solutions to problems that best serve the overwhelming majority. Phillip believes that our government is broken and our economy is fixed to benefit mostly those at the top while the rest of us work harder and harder just to pay the bills.

Phillip Price will continue to fight for Universal Health Care, Publicly funded education from early Head Start to career readiness, climate-friendly renewable energy sources, resilient infrastructure overhaul, living wages and affordable housing. Phillip understands that Citizens United has divided us, and we must deal with the corruption in campaign finance and within our government.

Phillip Price is asking you for your VOTE so we can reclaim our seat in the PEOPLE’S HOUSE.

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03Mar, 2020

Phillip Price for US House is...

NC District 11Every Day and Night
01Feb, 2020

Henderson County Breakfast

1216 6th Avenue West, Hendersonville, NC 287399 am to 11 am
01Feb, 2020

Veterans for Peace

Hendersonville, NC10:45 am to 11:40
01Feb, 2020

Henderson County Candidate Forum

305 Williams Street, Hendersonville, NC1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
01Feb, 2020

Jackson County Chili Cookoff

1528 Webster Road Webster, NC 287885:00 pm to 8:00 pm

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