The working man FOR THE PEOPLE!

Phillip Price believes that the politics of pointing fingers and making accusations must end and we must come together in harmony to find the solutions to problems that best serve the overwhelming majority. Phillip believes that our government is broken and our economy is fixed to benefit mostly those at the top while the rest of us work harder and harder just to pay the bills.

Phillip Price will continue to fight for Universal Health Care, Publicly funded education from PreK to career readiness, climate-friendly renewable energy sources, and resilient infrastructure overhaul. Phillip knows we will achieve nothing in any of these fields until we address corruption in campaign finance. He declared, “We MUST REMOVE CORPORATE MONEY FROM POLITICS before we can make any real PROGRESS”.

Phillip Price has lived, worked, and played in Western North Carolina for over 35 years, he is one of US. Who better to Represent US? Price is Right to help US save what WE LOVE!

This will be a short primary season as early voting begins on February 13th and the primary election day is March 3rd.  Phillip Price is asking you to think of the opportunity that WE have before US to Reclaim OUR Seat in the PEOPLE’S HOUSE.

Every $10 and $20 donation helps to spread the message to more voters, Phillip thanks you in advance for your support, your donation, and most importantly your Democratic VOTE  * March 3, Primary

2020 US House of Representatives, NC 11  *  Phillip Price




20Dec, 2019
06Nov, 2018

Election Day (NC 11th Congressional District)

NC 11th Congressional District6:30am-7:30pm
06Nov, 2018

Election Night Watch Party (Buncombe)

12 Old Charlotte Highway, Asheville NC 288037-11pm
03Nov, 2018

Henderson County Democratic Breakfast

905 Greenville Hwy, Hendersonville, NC 287929-11am
03Nov, 2018

Western North Carolina Pottery Festival (Jackson)

Broad St, Dillsboro, NC 2877910am-4pm

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